Which Hoodie Should You Add In Your Wardrobe This Winter?


A lot of winter time has passed now, still seldom days and most nights are still chilly. So if you are planning to buy a hoodie now, you are still not late. Hoodie is a clothing item that should find place in your wardrobe. Doesn’t matter you want to buy a hoodie to portray a leisure look or a more casual one, it is a must buy kind of item.

Not only, it helps you to stay warm through the chilly days but also it is comfortable to wear and quite relaxing. It’s a piece of clothing that’s quite convenient to wear with all. You can wear it with a jeans, pant or tracks. This way you can spend the season stylishly without covering yourself in a lot of clothing. You can follow this guide and shop for yourself some comfy and trendy hoodies.

The Hoodie Style:

Hoodies are primarily available in two styles – zip-ups and pullover. Zip-up hoodies are ideal for those unfriendly winter days when you require adding a layer-up. It’s always easy to add-on a hoodie over a sweatshirt or T-Shirt and be warm. This way you don’t have to overburden yourself with lots of clothing.

Then again, you can wear it opened (unzipped) and carry on, in style. Likewise, there are pullover hoodies that are perfect for people who don’t like layering up. As well as, these are appropriate for people who don’t find zippers stylish for them to wear.

The Material:

In general, both hoodies and sweatshirts are manufactured using similar materials. You can find them in fleece or cotton blend. These materials can keep you warm and are comfy as well.

The String and the Elastic Band:

A lot of hoodies have a string attached to them. It turns out to be useful during those cold &breezy mornings/evenings. You can tie this string and protect your ears and head against cold and harsh breeze. Along with that, a number of hoodies are available with an elastic band on the wrist and waist. These elastic bands restrict the heat to escape and keeps to warm. However, it’s important that you check the quality of the band prior to buying.

The Type of Body:

Apart from the above factors, at times people get swayed by the new trends like an over-sized hoodie. However you need to keep in mind that such a design is not appropriate for individuals with shorter body type. Similarly, muscular men will be comfortable in a slim fit hoodie, which on the other hand may not be so much ideal in case of thin men.

A hoodie is trendy and cozy winter wear that can work as a workout wear too. If you are searching for one ideal piece for yourself, which you want to buy before the inter season ends, a piece that you can wear on different purposes and occasions; then you should view the collection at FreshFilms.

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