Halloween Day: Reality Of Halloween Day You Should Know

freshfilmsOctober 30, 2019

What is Halloween Day?


Holloween’s source goes back over 2000 years. Celtic for the most part alludes to the dialects and particular societies of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany, otherwise called the Celtic countries. On what we think about November 1, Europe’s Celtic Peoples praised their New Years’ Day, Called Samhain (SAH-win). On Samhain eve-what we know as Halloween – spirits were thought to walk the Earth as they made a trip to existence in the wake of death. Pixies, evil spirits, and different animals were additionally said to be abroad.

In days of yore, Halloween was called Samhain, “rechristened” as Michael or “all honors” night devoted to the terrible spirits of the dead, or “all holy people’s day. By wearing covers or darkening their faces. Celts are likewise thought to have mimicked dead predecessors. Notwithstanding giving up creatures to the divine beings and assembling around blazes, Celts frequently wore ensembles. Likely creature skin to confound soul, maybe to abstain from being had by the American Folklife Center at the U.S Library of Congress.

Celtic paganism peoples, they use to celebrate this festival on twenty-nine, thirty, and thirty-one. they use to worship one god which is known as a god of death.

Why you should not celebrate Halloween Day?


They use to celebrate this festival because they want to make the god of death happy. They use to believe that the god of death is the ruler of all Celtic paganism peoples. To make that god happy Celtic paganism peoples use to do some rituals like they use to go house to house and shout Treat or Trick for the demand of the human body sacrifices. If someone agrees to give human sacrifices they use to give them treat. That treat was made up of human flesh which they sacrificed last year on this eve. then they use to fill that pumpkin with the human flesh and keep outside the house to make the evil spirit happy. Now this ritual is known as jack-o’-lantern.  

Look at yourself. Does Halloween glorify God — or Satan? If you’ll be honest with yourself, the answer is obvious. Halloween is a holiday dedicated to Satan. The holiday is accompanied by fear promoted by horror movies, grotesque costumes, and evil witchcraft. Halloween gives Satan an open door to our minds and hearts. Every time we celebrate Halloween, we invite Satan into our lives. so this is the reality of Halloween day.